SV30AWX combined Air and Water Heating panel
SV30AWX combined Air and Water Heating panelUnder clear solar radiation conditions, the hybrid SolarVenti SV30AWX outputs up to 1.33kW per hour of warm air energy. A single SV30AWX can ventilate, dehumidify and provide supplementary space heating to buildings with up to a ~140m footprint whilst also producing Solar Hot Water for free.

The SV30AWX weighs less than 33Kg and produces an airflow of ~100 cubic metres per hour. The incoming air is heated by up to approx 40C whilst the SV30AWX is simultaneously producing hot water at 50C to 65C. The SV30AWX may be set to provide only hot air or only hot water or any mixture of the two depending on the needs of the user at the time.

The SV30AWX is available in plain aluminium or with a black or white powder coat high quality paint finish. The SV30AWX is supplied with everything you need, including a roof mounting kit, for a complete self install package [excluding any hot water cylinder] (see SV30AWX details).

SV30AWX (Aluminium, Black or White) including self install kit: 2,790.00

Price shown is exclusive of VAT and does not include any delivery costs.

If you have a reasonably serviceable large hot water cylinder and do not want to go to the cost of replacing it with a new large cylinder incorporating a finned solar coil, we can help by supplying a Willis Renewables Solasyphon system which transfers the solar gained energy into your existing hot water cylinder. Please contact us for further details.

If you have a combi boiler and would still like to make use of the solar hot water capabilities of the SV30AWX then we may still be able to help. Most combi boilers are not capable of accepting a pre-heated water supply, but we can get around this issue by using a Grant Combisol valve set. Please contact us for details. Please note that this method also requires the installation of a new hot water cylinder and therefore quite a lot of plumbing is involved. Also, this method is not as efficient as using a separate dedicated hot water supply cylinder.

Important Note:
Please note that the manufacturers are intending to drop the hybrid air and water systems from their product range in spring 2013. Demand has been too low to continue production cost effectively.

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Latest News
December 2012
A new SolarVenti product for preheating air to industrial and commercial building HVAC systems will be launched early in 2013. More details to follow.

Arctic Sea Ice News:
Artic ice extent as of september 2012 shattered the previous record low (2007)- see. NSIDC Report

Solar Air Technologies is pleased to announce that we are now also supplying and installing photovoltaic arrays that qualify for the government's Feed In Tarrif scheme. We can offer domestic or commercial power generating arrays.

SolarVenti Selected For Social Housing Pilot Project

An SV30 unit is being tested on a major eco-retrofit project on a Tonbridge Wells property belonging to Town & County Housing Association. Performance on the property will be monitored over the next 18 months.

All SolarVenti models are now slimline only
All smaller SolarVenti units are now only available in 55mm deep slimline versions. There is no drop in performance.

SolarVenti goes to the Antarctic!
The British Antarctic Survey has bought a large SolarVenti unit (SV30) to improve the atmosphere in one of their buildings in the Antarctic. If successful in the hostile Antarctic environment several more units will be ordered.

SolarVenti comes second in prestigious award
SolarVenti UK, one of the three finalists selected from a long list of eco businesses featured in 'the Great Green Shoot Out' at the EcoBuild show, Earls Court. SolarVenti came second in the competition on the 26th February. SolarVenti was exhibiting in the Green Shoots Pavilion at the EcoBuild show.

SolarVenti features on 'Carbon Cops' TV program.
You can see a short clip (~ 6 minutes) from the program by clicking on this link to YouTube.

Solar Cooling now available with the larger SolarVenti dehumidifier units!
See the section on SolarVenti for cooling under the 'Applications For' header.

Do you own a holiday cottage or style of holiday home?
A SolarVenti dehumidifier is the best and cheapest way of keeping your holiday cottage dry, fresh and free from damp & mildew. Whether you have a static caravan, log cabin, park home or a holiday villa in Spain or Italy, SolarVenti dehumidifiers protect your cottage or property from damp, moulds and mildew.

4/9/2006 - SolarVenti dehumidifier features in The Independent's Extra section as one of "The World's Greatest Green Inventions".

1/9/2006 - SolarVenti dehumidifier features in the September issue of Park & Holiday Homes Magazine.

12/7/2006 - SolarVenti dehumidifier features in the London Evening Standard's "Really Useful Guide". You can see a copy of the article (pdf) here.

All SolarVenti units are available from UK stock.

EU wide patent for SolarVenti design is now granted.

More than 40,000 SolarVenti units now sold mainly in Scandinavia but also throughout Europe and Australia.

Watch out for articles on SolarVenti dehumidifiers in the UK press.
Already SolarVenti has appeared in many newspapers and magazines as well as numerous internet articles.

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There are six products in the SolarVenti range. Under ideal sunny conditions the smallest unit, the SV2 has a minimum airflow of 20m/Hour whilst the largest, the SV30 unit has a minimum airflow of 120m/Hour.

The most recent product is the SV30AWX, a hybrid version of the SV30 which additionally provides Solar Water Heating.

Coming in early 2013 will be the SV20: a product designed to fill in the gap between the SV14 and SV30 models.